Friday, March 24, 2017

Simple Machines Make Work Easier

A couple weeks ago, with influenza spreading, half of the 3B class was unable to come to school. With so many students absent, we had to think of a way to teach them about simple machines for the How the World Works unit. Luckily, several students were able to create videos to show how simple machines make work easier.

We've now moved on to our How We Express Ourselves unit. Please look for more information on that after the Spring Break!

Friday, March 17, 2017

How The World Works Summative Assessment

Last week, the students in Grade 3 demonstrated their knowledge and understanding of forces and motion to create compound machines for their How the World Works summative assessment task. Students worked in small groups to create a machine that would make work easier.

In addition to demonstrating their knowledge and understanding, the third graders also demonstrated some very positive PYP attitudes. They all showed great independence, cooperation, creativity, and commitment. They were also reflective and amazing thinkers and communicators.


Friday, March 10, 2017

Field Trip to the Science Museum

For their How the World Works unit of inquiry the students in Grade 3 have been learning all about how simple machines use force and motion to make work easier.

This past Monday, the third graders went on a field trip to the Science Museum to see first hand how forces create motion and how simple and compound machines reduce the amount of force required to do work.

Students had a ton of fun in the museum's Machine Room, where they used a variety of levers, pulleys, screws, inclined planes, etc. to move some massive steel spheres around the room.

Students came away from the field trip with a greater understanding of simple machines and the ways in which simple machines can be combined to create compound machines.

How much do you know about simple and compound machines? 
Can you identify the simple machines in these photos? 

Leave us your answers in the comment section below.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

I've Got It! Finding Ways to Learn a Challenging Dance

Grade Three students have been working really hard lately.  They've been exploring some of the toughest dances first in their new unit of inquiry on How We Express Ourselves.  Take a look at what they've been learning how to do.

Students explored dances from around the world which used rhythmic sounds.  The two dances they've been working on so far are the Gumboot Dance from South Africa and Tinikling from the Philippines.

Gumboot Dancers from South Africa

Tinikling from the Philippines

First of all, they learned how to do the steps slowly watching the teacher.

Then, they tried to do the steps faster.  They watched, and corrected their mistakes. Students tried to remember each step without looking at the teacher.

For the Philippine dance "Tinikling" students need to know how to "clap" the poles together.  They practiced doing a hand clap pattern, and then did the same pattern with the bamboo poles.

Then came the challenge of putting the two parts together. This may sound easy, but students had to be risk-takers to try this new dance.  Jumping between two bamboo poles is really challenging!
For many students, this was really difficult.  They had to practice over and over again, often getting caught in the poles.  When students finally got one of the steps, their group was so excited!

As students master one step, they have begun to learn more difficult steps.

What's the next step?  Students might enjoy checking out additional videos of "Tinikling" to learn more difficult steps and formations. Or they might come up with their own original steps?

We'll be taking a trip around the globe through dance!

Friday, March 3, 2017

Seisen Visits Nakamachi Elementary

Last month the Seisen third graders took a short walk down Nakamachi-dori to visit another neighborhood school, Nakamachi Elementary. It was a perfect opportunity to explore our local area and meet some new friends. The students were treated to songs, dances, speeches, origami, rope jumping, and personalised school tours. Take a quick glance at the day:

In addition to making friends and having fun, it was a great chance for Seisen students to put their profile words and attitudes into practice.

Accoriding to Yurina, "I was a risk-taker, because I said my name loudly to my group, even though I didn't know the Nakamachi students. I was also a risk-taker when we did the jump rope, because I challenged myself to try."

Lucy highlighted respect as an attitude she demonstrated: "I showed respect, because when we were walking around the library, they told me their favorite book and I said 'wow'. Another example is I told them their origami skills were good."

According to Yun Hee, "I showed commitment, because I wasn't really good at origami, but I tried my best. I also got some help from Nakamachi students."

Many Seisen girls had to adjust to a school with boys. According to Seo Yoon: "I was open-minded, because I worked with the boys and a lot of people didn't want to work with the boys."

According to Emma, "I showed confidence when I performed the dance, Zootopia. I also was confident to talk and communicate with the Nakamachi students and when I did the jump rope."

Seisen third graders have another trip to look forward to soon, as we head to the Science Museum on Monday to wrap up our How The World Works Unit. Have a great weekend!