Thursday, March 24, 2016

Japanese Sakura Medal Book Review Contest 2016

G3 Seo Yoon, Jaeun, Sono, Yangfan and Rino

Their works have been sent to the 2016 All Japan Sakura Medal Book Review Contest in Japanese!

Excellent work, girls!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Elementary School Art Exhibition

All girls in Elementary contributed work for an Art Exhibition as part of Student-led Conference Day. 

The work was displayed in the brand new Drama room above the new grade 6 classrooms by the North gate. 

The Grand Finale Art Exhibition (in case you missed it) will be in the Gym on April 12 and will encompass Kindergarten through grade 12.

Going Further in Math

Although our multiplication and division unit finished a while ago, third graders are still going further by publishing videos about math. At the beginning of the unit, students quizzed each other with multiplication and equal shares stories:

After fully understanding multiplication and division stories, some students created videos where the viewer had to figure out what type of math story it was:

Finally, students finished up the unit by teaching others different method of 2 and 3 digit multiplication. Do you know these methods?

The third graders are eager to keep sharing, so keep an eye on this YouTube channel for future tutorials.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Exploring the Gymnastics unit in 3A PE!

Central idea: Developing body control, balance, and spatial awareness while using creativity to express ourselves confidently in movements and gymnastics skills. 

Beginning with balance beam and forward rolls