Friday, December 9, 2016

Multiplication and Division Unit

In math the third graders have recently been exploring multiplication and division. Though many students already know their basic facts, we are focusing on a deeper understanding of multiplication and division and how to model both. The central idea for the unit is:

Multiplication and division can be modeled in a variety of ways to help us solve problems. 

Students started by modeling multiplication through skip counting, repeated addition, pictures, rectangles, arrays, and stories. Can you solve these problems?

Students also looked at how to model division with "equal shares" stories, and they have explored the relationship between multiplication and division as well. 

Students will continue to explore these ideas through the final week of school in 2016.

Where We Are In Place And Time - Inventions

We have now finished the 'Getting Started' phase of our current unit of inquiry and will continue to investigate, make connections and go further after the Christmas holidays. You can click on the link, below, to see the evidence of student understanding we will be looking for at each stage of the unit of inquiry.
The Inquiry process students engage with at Seisen Elementary School during their units of inquiry
Click here for the Grade 3 - Where We Are In Place And Time Learning Intentions (Central Idea - Inventions create change and can lead to new possibilities)