Saturday, May 20, 2017

3B Prepare for ES Sports day in Individual pursuits!

The 3B class prepared for ES Sports Day and learned more about running, jumping and throwing techniques. 

Central Idea: Exploring individual pursuits through running, throwing and jumping events. 

Success criteria for running:
1). Eyes focused on where you are running, keep head steady 
2). Arms bend like an L-shape, hands go from hip to nose 
3). Lift your knees and find a good pace depending on whether it is long distance or a sprint 

Success criteria for throwing:
1). Opposite leg forward 
2). Appropriate technique based on which item you are throwing 
             -For overhand throw (koosh ball ) use T, L, Cross my body technique 
             -For frisbee toss, hug the frisbee and fling and release 
             -For foxtail throw, grab at the second color, spin clockwise and release in front 
3). Use your full energy on the throw 

Success criteria for jumping:
1). Use the running technique 
2). See the hurdle and know when to jump
3). When jumping over the hurdle, lift your knees

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